Along with hosting artists and events in our gallery space, we have a shared studio space in the back where we drink a lot of coffee, make art, listen to podcasts and old records, dance, laugh, cry, collaborate, and take care of business (like making this website). 

          Sara Engimann

Sara Engimann is a multidisciplinary artist with a concentration on sculptural fiber work. Her work explores concepts of grief and loss with a twist of humor (and lime).

             Erin Barrett

Erin Barrett is a painter and a sculptor who loves using a lot of color in her work. Some other things she enjoys are her cat, all things slimy, making a mess, and sugar. She is usually crabby but hides it very well. Kind of. 

           Jessie Oleson

Minneapolis raised Chicago based illustrator & musician always working on zines, comic books and groovy tunes. 

      Stasia Deliyannides

Stasia Deliyannides is currently working in soft sculpture and mixed media. They have particular interests in emotions in plant life/symbiotic relationships in nature, gender politics, medicine and chronic illness, and also dogs.